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IA, UX, & Design Research

Project_1: Projects

The client came to the team at Idean for help creating an improved digital experience for their medical monitoring tablet application.

First, we performed research through a patient package unboxing and stakeholder and clinician interviews to understand the initial patient experience and gather feedback. The insights we uncovered included:

  • The experience of performing a health check through the application felt like a chore.

  • From the patient's perspective, medical monitoring felt as if it were more for the provider than the patient.

  • We could make significant experience improvements by creating a personalized feel and simplifying areas like setup, providing input, and sharing results.


I created an updated app map that also served a page type inventory. Along with the IA, I also included a high-level content mapping in the callouts.

I created quick wire flows for hero user flows using these screen types, such as the setup and login flow shown.


For each essential flow within the application, I created wireframes for each screen that included annotations and gesture mapping to show how a user traverses through the flow. These wireframes helped our visual designer develop designs for all the necessary screen types and later create a testing prototype in Invision.

Our final delivery included wireframes and visual designs for seven significant flows within the application after the addition of eight weeks to the original 10-week timeline.

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